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Our profound commitment to partnering with patients who have ovarian cancer provides the best care possible today, and our unwavering dedication to improving the management and outcome of this aggressive form of cancer provides hope for the future.


Our intense drive to learn everything we can about ovarian cancer has led our clinicians and researchers to make significant inroads in the fight against this disease on several fronts.

Over the past few decades, our pathologists have gained an unprecedented reputation for diagnosing rare and challenging ovarian masses. In turn, we’ve developed a global consultation service in which patients from all over the world come to us for second opinions and general consultations. On the research front, our pathology scientists have identified a well-accepted theory indicating that ovarian cancer may begin in the fallopian tubes, not in the ovaries as previously thought. This knowledge may be critical for diagnosing ovarian cancer earlier.

Dr.Ayyappan.S, we don’t just offer the latest treatment therapies; we also discover them. Our clinicians led clinical trials that pioneered a new way of delivering chemotherapy. Intraperitoneal chemotherapy, administered directly into the peritoneum (the lining of the abdominal cavity) via a catheter, bathes the patient’s abdominal area with anti-cancer agents. This targeted delivery method has been shown to improve survival rates in some circumstances.

Though we've come a long way in understanding the origins and trajectory of ovarian cancer, we also recognize that our journey of discovery is far from over. Whether it's during our daily care of patients or while we’re testing experimental therapies, we continuously seek to learn more about ovarian cancer, in the hope of one day eradicating the disease.